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srijeda, srpanj 23, 2014

SMS Service is Active - Odd:2,00 - High Stake - Send SMS and WIN

SMS Servis je Aktivan - Kvota:2,00 - Visoki Ulog - Saljite poruke


darko-tipovi @ 14:21 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0

01:30   Liverpool - Roma   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85

Friendly game between Liverpool and Roma. The game will be played on Fenway Park (Boston, Massachusetts).
Both teams are playing attacking football and I believe that both teams will score in this match.

Liverpool like we know lost their top striker Suarez who gone to Barcelona. But, this team is still strong with great attacking line. They brought Lallana and Lambert from Southampton. Also they brought Markovic from Benfica, Borini from Sunderland... This team for sure is capabel to score few goals.

Roma made a great transfer when they brought Iturbe from Verona. He is great player and Roma for sure will have much stronger attacking line with him in the roster. Their attacking line is solid and I expect goals from them.

All in all this is friendly game which will be played in USA. This kind of games are for the fans and usually we saw many goals. So, I expect 3 or more goals here.

darko-tipovi @ 14:19 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
utorak, srpanj 22, 2014

20:45   Peterborough - Wolverhampton   3+ (over 2,5)   1,65 status
FT: 2:2

Friendly game between Peterborough and Wolverhampton. I follow this teams in the last few seasons and both are playing attacking, atractive football with many goals on their games.

Peterborough played one friendly game so far. They won against Freamunde 2:4. In transfer period they sold: Alcock (defender 30/0), Little (defender 40/1), Swanson (midfielder 37/2), Rowe (midfielder 36/7) and Tomlin (attacker 19/5). They sold few other players, but not so important. On the other side they did not brought some players. But, all in all their attacking line is still powerful with their leader Assomnalonga (24 goals in last season). Also they have few other attackers who will be real danger against Wolves.

Wolverhampton had one great season and they are back in Championship. In transfer period they did not lost any important player. On the other side they brought: Rowe (from Peterborough), van La Parra (from Heerenveen). Plus they have back some players who were on loan. All in all this team have one great powerful attacking line and I expect few goals from them.

I expect 3 or more goals. If you like higher odd, then I suggest to try over 3,5 goals (or even over 6,5 goals, but for small stake of course).

darko-tipovi @ 12:07 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
ponedjeljak, srpanj 21, 2014

19:45   Winterthur - Wil   3+ (over 2,5)   1,70 status
FT: 4:0

This weekend has been started Challenge League - Switzerland. From 4 matches only one finished with over 2,5 goals which is a little strange for this kind of leagues. Today I expect open game and many goals, at least three.

Winterthur played 6 friendlies games and they were pretty high-scoring games (especially against Freiburg 6:3). On that 6 games it was 28 goals which mean average 4,7 goals per game. In transfer period they sold Aratore (top scorer from last season), but that is normal for this kind of teams. Anyway their second and third top scorers are in the team, so with few new players that should not be a big problem.

Wil played 6 friendlies and it was many goals. On that 6 games it was 27 goals, which mean average 4,5 goals per game. Wil did not lost many players in the transfer period. From important players they sold Holenstein, but anyway their players especially from attacking line is here, so I expect one similar season like last with many goals.

I expect 3 or more goals.

darko-tipovi @ 13:59 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
nedjelja, srpanj 20, 2014

15:00   Goteborg - Mjallby   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75 status
FT: 3:1

Goteborg have 4-2-1 at home ground. In that 7 home games they had scored 16 and conceded 8 goals. That's average 3,4 goals per game. For today's game they will be without: Augustinsson (defender 14/0) and Haglund (midfielder 7/0). Also they are playing in Europa League qualifications and in first leg against Gyor they won with 0:3 in Hungary, so they have pretty good advantage before the rematch.

Mjallby have 1-1-5 on the road. In that 7 away matches they had scored 6 and conceded 12 goals. That's average 2,6 goals per game. For today's game all players are ready and healthy.
They had few tough games on the road and all finished with over:
Kalmar vs Mjallby 2:1
AIK vs Mjallby 2:1
Elfsborg vs Mjallby 3:1
Helsingborg vs Mjallby 3:1

Last two games between these two teams when Goteborg is a host:
Goteborg vs Mjallby 4:2
Goteborg vs Mjallby 4:2

darko-tipovi @ 00:01 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
subota, srpanj 19, 2014

17:00   Sonderjyske - Aalborg   3+ (over 2,5)   1,85  status
FT: 0:0

Sonderjyske did not made big changes in transfer period. Their main reinforces is Golubovic (attacker) from Ceahlaul. In last season Sonderjyske was very close to relegation zone and probably their main target is middle of the table.

Aalborg was a champion in last season. In transfer period they lost Kusk (top scorer) who gone to Twente. Anyway I think that they have replacements for him. Home team don't have so strong defense, so Aalborg for sure can score few goals in this match. Also I must to mention that they have back Helenius from ASton Villa where he was on loan. Before that season in 2012/13 Helenius had scored 16 goals on 33 matches for Aalborg, so he will be important player for this team.

I expect three or more goals.

darko-tipovi @ 14:30 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0

16:30   Salzburg(-1,5) - Rapid Vienna   H1   1,90  status
FT: 6:1

Salzburg was a champions in last season and in this one they are again main candidates for the title. They did not made big changes from last season and because of that I expect easy wins in local league, but also good performance in european competitions. In transfer period they did not lost any important players. On the other side they brought few great players who will be very usefull for this new season. They brought: Bruno (attacker from Anderlecht), Ankersen (defender from Esbjerg) and Keita (midfielder from Istres). That are three top transfers and for sure they are much stronger from last season.

Rapid Vienna in this new season will start with few changes. In transfer period they lost  three important players: Boyd (attacker 29/15 top scorer) who gone to RB Leipzig, Sabitzer (attacker 29/7 third scorer) who gone to RB Leipzig and Burgstaller (midfielder 30/11 second scorer) who gone to Cardiff. Three very important players and Rapid can be in problems especially in the begining of the season. They brough some players from local league, but like I said that changes can make a problems in the beggining.

So, Salzburg is best team in this season and for sure they will start with a wins because after few rounds they have qualifications in Champion League. Rapid have the toughest game in the first round. I expect easy win for Salzburg.

darko-tipovi @ 14:10 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
petak, srpanj 18, 2014

20:00   Celje - Zavrc   3+ (over 2,5)   1,75  status
FT: 0:1

Today will start Prva Liga in Slovenia. Match between Celje and Zavrc. I expect 3 or more goals on this match.

Celje in last season finished on eight place. For this season like I checked, they did not made a lot of changes in the roster. For the first game in the season they will be without standard defender Zitko (df 26/0).

Zavrc had incredible season. On 36 games they had scored 58 and conceded 63 goals, which mean 3,4 goals per game. For this season they did not changed a roster, so I expect something similar again. For this game they will be without standard defender Sambolec (df 35/3). Doubtful is another standard defender Roskar (df 21/0).

Mutual games from last season:
Celje vs Zavrc    0 : 3
Zavrc vs Celje    3 : 0
Celje vs Zavrc    2 : 1
Celje vs Zavrc    4 : 0   (cup)
Zavrc vs Celje    2 : 1

darko-tipovi @ 13:39 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
četvrtak, srpanj 17, 2014

20:30   Molde - Gorica   1   FT: 4:1 status
20:30   Rijeka - Ferencvaros   1   FT: 1:0 status
odd: 2,05

Another double for today.

About first match. Molde is best team from Norway where their season is almost in the middle, so their shape is in much better level. At home ground they are strong, so if they like to be in next stage they need a win here.
Gorica is a team from Slovenia, but mostly of the players are straner (mostly italians). The team had many changes in the roster, where best players left the team. So, Gorica will start this competition with totally difference roster from last season and for sure that is not so good.
I expect Molde to win this game.

Rijeka started the season with one big win in supercup against Dinamo Zagreb 2:1. Rijeka is one strong team and at home ground before their fans for sure they will play on high-level and I trust that they can win this game easily.
Ferencvaros in previous round had problems against Silema (Malta) and in my opinion they are nothing special. This is tough game and I think that their chance is at home (although I believe that Rijeka will be in next stage).

darko-tipovi @ 15:06 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
srijeda, srpanj 16, 2014

19:00   Dinamo Tbilisi - Aktobe   0-2 (under 2,5)   1,85  status
FT: 0:1

One tough match between Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia) and Aktobe (Kazakhstan). It will be interestings to see who will go in next round because both teams are with equal quality.

Dinamo Tbilisi is little favourite in first match before their fans. For this match they will be without Xisco (attacker 28/19 top scorer) and for sure they will have problems in attack. Anyway their target will be not to concede a goal from the visitors.

Aktobe will be host in second match, so 0:0 will be a good result for them. No important absences. I think that they will defend the starting result and will wait the counter attacks.

I expect tough match without many chances for goals. I expect under 2,5 goals.

darko-tipovi @ 10:38 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
utorak, srpanj 15, 2014

20:45   Sparta Prague(-1,5) - Levadia   H1   FT: 7:0 status
19:00   Eindhoven - PSV   3+ (over 2,5)   FT: 0:3 status
odd: 1,95

For today we have few interesting matches, but I decide to go with one double which is pretty sure for me.

About first match. Sparta Prague is huge favourite here and they should win easily at home ground and decide the winner who will go to next stage. I checked about the roster and only first goalkeeper Vaclik left the team. Sparta Prague is so strong at home ground. In last season they won all home matches with pretty solid goal difference. So, with one early goal it should be a easy win with few goals difference.
Levadia is a team from Estonia and for sure they will defend with all players in this game but it will be tough for sure. Also for this game they have few absences. They will be without: Ivanov (attacker 14/14 second top scorer), Rattel (attacker 12/4) and Rohtla (attacker 5/0).
I expect one easy win for Sparta Prague.

About second match. It is friendly match between two teams from Eindhoven, Netherlands. PSV for sure is big favourite here and I expect few goals only from them, but also Eindhoven is capable to score at least one goal. About some news I know that PSV got Luuk de Jong (attacker) from Borussia Monchengladbach and they sold Matavz (attacker) to Augsburg.
These two teams played three friendlies in last 4 years:
PSV vs Eindhoven 3:0
PSV vs Eindhoven 2:1
PSV vs Eindhoven 3:2

darko-tipovi @ 00:03 |Isključeno | Komentari: 0
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Date Matches Tip Odd FT
20.07.2014 Dundalk vs Athlone
Odd vs Haugesund
2,40 2:0
21.07.2014 Esbjerg vs Randers
Nest-Sotra vs Honefoss
2,00 0:1
22.07.2014 Karabakh Agdam(-1,5) vs Valletta
Debrecen vs Cliftonville
2,20 4:0
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